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We pride ourselves on an superb track record of quality services and attention to detail. Our philosophy is to treat your residence or business as we would our own. From start to finish, Water Destruction Passaic operates with utmost reliability, pride and integrity.

If you’ve had damage to your home, give us a call now at (866)985-8590. As with all servicing troubles, safeguarding and protecting your property sooner rather than later will help to minimize further difficulties. With our twenty-four/7 Emergency Hotline, we’re obtainable at any time of the day or night. With a response time of thirty min’s or less, our experts will be on-website and ready to work for YOU.

When you knowledge water damages loss in your house or business, trust our knowledgeable experts at Water Destruction Passaic to put you back to normal as fast as you can and with the least disruption in your life or business. We supply emergency beginning to end water damage renewal solutions in Passaic New Jersey starting with a thorough examination of the destruction to utilizing our perfect products to extract water from your residence and finally our repair, cleaning and deodorization services. When you have water problems emergency, renewal efforts by a knowledgeable specialist using the proper resources such as air moving companies, air scrubbers, turbo dryers, dehumidifiers, disinfectants and much more are required and essential to bring your home or business back to original condition.

(866) 985-8590

Our Solutions:
Water Problems- Despite of the cause, fast and useful water elimination is crucial in preventing additional damage to house. Thoroughly drying the structure can prevent mold and mildew, as well as rust and corrosion problems to machinery, gear and appliances. Our crew will remove water and dry out the structure as well as contents using special extraction equipment, air moving companies, and dehumidification products.

Fire Damages-Experiencing a fire at your residence, school or business can be a destructive event. We understand the importance of your home and belongings and will restore products that are valuable to you. In addition to full reconstruction services, we give for deodorization, boarding of windows and doors, water extraction, moving companies and temporary storage. We will also take care of cleaning draperies, furniture and carpets to get you back to your pre-disaster state.

Mold Problems- Discovering mildew on your home can disrupt activity in your house or organization. Kala offers various ranges of removal techniques that generate negative air stress and utilize HEPA-filtered air exchange systems.

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